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About Us


The music industry is known to be a cutthroat business where shady characters are always attempting to cash in on the dreams of aspiring artists. I have heard of many stories of artist exploitation from bad contracts to fake show promoters and so on, this industry is full of scams. Understanding the nature of the business Gangstaville Magazine top priority is to maintain integrity and will never resort to deceitful tactics in order to make a quick buck. Our passion is to fuel the Indie Artists, giving them the guide, resources and a platform they need to further their music career. In addition, Gangstaville Magazine is not just a music magazine but a community powered magazine, a magazine that spark conversation, promote empowerment and celebrate aspiration. We provide hot topics and trends, advice, critical conversation, a voice for those who have none, the best of entertainment and urban news. Gangstaville Magazine is the Heart and Voice of the streets, a place where good music gets spotlight, beauty is display, hard work and good deeds get recognition and Issues is talk about. We support independent artists, writers, producers, film makers and business owners, we want to see every hard working individual succeed.

Gangstaville Magazine will release a print and digital issue the first Friday of every session and a followup (digital only) issue the following month. Our first issue will be release Sept 25th 2015 (Fall Issue) Available on newsstands in your local hood store in selected states (FL, GA, KY, OH, IN, IL, NJ and NY) You can also purchase our magazine on any of our sites (worldwide shipping) also on ipad and google store.

To our readers and future supporters, You are the backbone of our company and we will never take that for granted, we promise to give you cutting edge article and quality material of talented artists each issue but understand we are young so we will make few mistakes but please bear with us as we grow to be the leading magazine publication for independent artists worldwide, continue supporting us as we fuel these talented independent artists. If you have any good idea that can better improve our company we would love to hear it, send email to support@gangstavillemag.com

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