EntertainmentWho is Rihanna dating?

Who is Rihanna dating?

Who is Rihanna dating?

That seems to be the question that comes up quite frequently as of late. There is no doubt that Rihanna’s’ dating life has been one of the more public of music celebrities. She takes no caution in showing and displaying public affection to those she is close to. The most recent of confirmed boyfriends was fellow rapper Travis Scott. There were a number of photos of them getting hot and heavy, with no obvious attention to what was going on around there. There was a slight age difference in age that was mentioned being that RiRi is 28 and Scott is only 23, but age is just a number… Right? And there was also that little controversy with producer John Glass about Scott’s delaying her album at the end of last year and where Glass chimed in via Twitter, going off about how (Scott) wants her to put out garbage music, which lead to the “Work” not being ready in time to drop on Glasses’ birthday all while referring to her as is ‘wife.’

So now here comes the most interesting part. How is it that with such a hot and heavy publicly announced relationship and several display of public affection with Scott just a few months back, could Rihanna just announce the split of her and Travis while on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She made a simple statement to the world that she in fact single. She claims that it was due to busy schedules and that the couple, who had only dated for a few months, chose to call it off and go their separate ways.

But we all think there is more to it than that… Now enter Drake! The video of the two performing in a recent concert in Miami may but be the reason for this new relationship status. It begs the question, are her and Drake grinding off stage as much as there are grinding on? The chemistry that they seem to give on stage suggests more might be going on. Back in 2009 Drake and RiRi announced they were an item and have been on again off again ever since. With the Anti-world tour lunching at the end of last year it wouldn’t be surprising to see Drake hanging around with her on tour even more.

Are we surprised she dates people that make her happy? She is a grown sexy woman who is a superstar that has been on top for quite some time. To be quite honest she can date and be with whoever she wants. If they connect at that level and don’t mind being public with it, (as Rihanna is very free with her relationships), then more power to her and whoever she has is her grasp.

And let’s be honest folks, as pictures started emerging of Rihanna and Travis Scott, I’m sure most of us thought that it wasn’t going to be long-term. The couple just seems to be too different. So congrats to her recent breakup, and possible recent hook-up!

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