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News year’s resolution?! What’s that point? Or at least that’s what we can all assume Kat Williams said to himself at that top of 2016. Williams had one of the roughest starts this year, more than any other celebrity in the news. Being one of the funniest comedians, he announced his new tour ‘Conspiracy Theory’ at the end of last year, however this hasn’t seemed to keep him busy enough to stop his arrest record from growing. The most bizarre part of it all, is that the trouble seems to come from out of nowhere. There isn’t an apparent reason for any of it. It’s just a series of him lashing out, while reportedly acting like he was on some kind of substance. His downward spiral in 2012 (involving serious drug allegations) was very public and he seems to be heading back down that road again. Let’s take a look at his timeline of events.

Assault and Theft (Sunday February 28th) Atlanta Ga.
Williams 2016 arrests kicked off when he and his entourage were accused of punching a woman in the face when she starting recording while a group of her friends were taking picture with Williams. Apparently, she made it clear that she thought Kevin Heart, Williams long time rival, was the better comedian. Regardless of who’s better or not some things you should just be kept to yourself. As our mothers once told us if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all. However, he took it a bit too far when he decided to waive a gun in their face while laughing at them. And to top it all off, apparently he took their cell phones with the pictures (and recording) of him and his crew.

Assault (Sunday February 28th) Gainesville Ga.
When his story first broke it was borderline comical. It was alleged that Kat Williams assaulted his bodyguard (Corey Dixon) by choking him and threatening to kill him. Let’s keep in mind that Williams’ is 5’5 tall and I’m guessing about 130 pounds soaking wet, if that. At what point would a bodyguard feel threatened by Williams? It was also reported that a 24 year women (Tatiana Smith) was ordered to hit Dixon with a baseball bat. It all seemed a bit strange, however due to that arrested the police were granted access to Williams property, were large amounts of illegal drugs and guns were found. Come on Kat, haven’t you learned your lesson?

Assault (February 29th) Gainesville Ga.
Yet again Williams was arrested after attacking a man at a pool supply store. Williams reported that the man used a racial slur trigging the physical assault. However, with all the problems that had just taken place, you would think that a grown man could simply keep his hands to himself. It’s okay, Kat, you may be small but you’ve proven your mighty.

Assault (Saturday March 5th) Philadelphia Pa.
The video of Kat literally getting stomped on went viral shortly after the brawl broke out on stage at a Beanie Seagle concert. To watch the video from start to finish, you see him acting very irregular off to the side of the stage. With the audio obviously not available, no one truly knows what prompted Williams to physically a launch himself at a fellow onlooker. It was later reported the guy had been talking trash and apparently that’s all it took for Kat to retaliate.

Kidnapping & Torture (Thursday March 20th) Malibu Ca.
A lawsuit was filed for an assault happening on July 18 of 2014, by actress Jamila Majesty. It was said that she was held and tortured for over three hours. Being by far the most serious of all the recent events, Majesty explains her story from start to finish of exactly what took place. She visited to watch a movie and ended up do so in his master bedroom. When the movie was finished she used his bathroom. Upon exiting, Williams reportedly became irate, and it was at that point that she was physically restrained, attacked, burned and held against her will by Williams and four of his female accomplices. Through all of that, Majesty claims she never once defending herself and simply took the beating. Wait WHAT?! You were tortured and just let it happen? That doesn’t seem right. And with the legal allegations flying around Williams it seems very convenient to only now step forward with your story from two years ago…

Kat Williams what are you doing? The last two months straight you have been all over the news. This isn’t even mentioning the beef between him and Kevin Heart and the recent break up of him and girlfriend Hazel Lee. Surprisingly, throughout all of this, he has not missed one show on his tour and hasn’t been convicted of any of the charges. Kat, keep your head up, stay out of trouble and keep making us laugh.

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