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I want a pre-nup!! That is what deseeded rapper Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur, should have been rapping when she married Gust Davis in 2004. It was first reported by TMZ, Shakur filed for divorce against her husband Gust Davis a Minister out of North Carolina. Subsequently, questions have been raised as to why there was no pre – nuptial agreement signed prior to the marriage. But unfortunately, divorces happen. People are unhappy, they splint and go their separate ways. But Gust is holding on tight. Tight to the money being brought in by Tupac’s estate which is owned by his Afeni.

It’s not hard to believe, but it is estimated that the estate of Tupac Shakur brings in an estimated $900,000 a year. Once all the money is divided up, his mother is left with approximately $20,000 a month for living expenses. And what a surprise that Davis has filed his own paper work, asking that judge for alimony in the amount of $10,000 for the rest of his life. He is also requesting that he is able to keep the 50 acre ranch they own in North Carolina and a luxury Jaguar. If your wife was going to leave you the only things you are fighting for is money, then your priorities must be very mixed up. And to be a minister, a man a God, and a leader of a church, this man should have money of his own and if he doesn’t, that is not Tupac’s problem.

Here, how about you keep the house and the car, because what’s that to her? They obviously purchased those items together, so why not take that go on about your business? How are you entitled to money from an estate of a person that you’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting?

Shakur was extremely smart in choosing the state that she filed the divorce in. Being that the divorce was filed in North Carolina, the law does not split property 50-50, but instead leaves it up to the judge to analyze each case to determine what is most reasonable. This gives her the best chance to walk away without having to split up her deceased son’s estate to a man she no longer loves or wants to be with. Once attorneys found out the Davis had applied for alimony, they quickly filed paperwork of their own asking the judge to not grant any additional monies to Davis. Shakur is currently living on a houseboat in San Diego, while Davis remains on their ranch in North Carolina.

With him being gone for going on 20 years it’s horrible to still see his mom in the news. It will be interesting to see how the judge rules in this matter. It truly would be a shame to let some man who didn’t even know this amazingly talented individual walk off with half of his estate.

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