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Posts created by Ebony

  • Trey vs. Uncle Sam Read more >

    Trey vs. Uncle Sam

    Trey Songz is in big trouble with the tax man. The R&B hit maker was hit with a federal lien for the amount of $750,000 in unpaid taxes back in 2013. He’s at risk of having assets in his name seized. Trey, you should’ve put “err thang” in ya mama’s name! But on the real, $750,000? […]

  • Released Footage…Murder??? Read more >

    Released Footage…Murder???

    Savannah,Georgia Arrrested New Year’s Day after a fight with his girlfriend,22 year-old Matthew Ajibade was beaten to the ground by three deputies. He was then tied to a chair, and tased four times in the groin.Two hours later, Ajibade was found dead, still tied to the chair! The cause of death was blunt forced trauma. […]

  • Ebony Rose Read more >

    Ebony Rose

    Aspiring model,radio personality for Sunday Night Live on Gangstaville Radio Ig EbonyRose859 Fb Ebony Rose Twitter EeeBee88

  • Rapper, Future Read more >

    Rapper, Future

    Correction to the announcement that was made on Sunday Night Live this past Sunday…rapper, Future has not come out with a shoe through Nike. The shoe that he is seen wearing in the photo,which is also the alleged shoe,was created by Adidas. So keep bringing us that fire through the mic Future, and hopefully we’ll […]

  • Lance Stevenson Read more >

    Lance Stevenson

    October 11, 2015: NBA star Lance Stevenson is not going to like this . . . but a woman who was claiming to be his JUMPOFF . . . just came out as a TRANSGENDER. The woman, whose name is CANDY DEEPTHROAT – just revealed her BIRTH CERTIFICATE – showing that she was born a […]


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